Protein-Based Columns

Columns packed with the immobilized protein stationary phases (PSPs) are successfully utilized by scientists for separation and characterization of chiral compounds in a great number of applications, ranging from drug discovery and quality assurance of marketed drugs to environmental monitoring.

The chiral selector for the CHIRALPAK® AGP is ?1-acid glycoprotein (AGP), while human serum albumin (HSA) is the chiral selector for CHIRALPAK HSA. The chiral selector for CHIRALPAK CBH is cellobiohydrolase, a stable enzyme. The three chiral selectors are immobilized on 5-µm spherical silica particles. The PSPs function entirely in the reversed-phase chromatographic mode, using buffers with low organic modifier content and at moderate pH values. Enantioselectivity can easily be controlled or improved by changes in the mobile phase composition: pH, buffer and organic modifier types and concentrations.

All PSP selectors are packed in columns with 3-, 4- and 10-mm internal diameter to cover separations on both analytical and semi-preparative scales.


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Method Development Strategies

Chiral Technologies has recently developed comprehensive Screening Strategies for immobilized PSPs to enable the identification of the best method to separate target compounds. The Screening Strategies can serve as a guide for a decision making process to select the most appropriate combination of CSP, mobile phase, and chromatography mode.
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Column Care

Chiral Technologies provides detailed Instruction Manuals containing column descriptions, operating conditions and guidelines for initial method development. Exercising good column care is important for column performance, especially for protein-based selectors since charged additives can be used to control enantioselectivity.

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