Polysaccharide Columns

Immobilized Polysaccharide Columns

Daicel immobilized columns exhibit greatly enhanced robustness and remarkable stability. These innovative products allow chromatographers to employ essentially any organic solvent as mobile phase to develop methods for the most challenging separations. The immobilized columns are used for applications ranging from analytical method development to large-scale enantiomer resolutions.

Driven by increasing lab productivity, Daicel Corporation has introduced the first sub-2 µm immobilized chiral columns, CHIRALPAK IA-U and CHIRALPAK IC-U. The ultrafast separations provided by sub-2 µm columns speed-up initial drug discovery and enable rapid high-throughput screening and method development.

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Columns packed with particle sizes below 2 µm benefit from the use of low extra-column dispersion HPLC units to take advantage of speed and resolution of the sub-2 µm columns. These columns are designed to be used with Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) systems to achieve ultrafast and high-resolution of enantiomers.

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Columns packed with 3-µm CSPs also offer high-speed separations, reduction in analysis time and cost per sample. Columns packed with 3-µm particles may be used in conventional HPLC units without significant loss in performance.

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In addition, bulk CSPs are available in kilogram quantities for large-scale Simulated Moving Bed (SMB), as well as single-column HPLC applications. Daicel immobilized CSPs are available in columns of different dimensions, which are packed with a variety of particle sizes.

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Coated Polysaccharide Columns

Daicel’s traditional coated polysaccharide columns are well recognized for their broad range of applications and remarkable loading capacity. These columns are packed with Daicel’s coated polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases (CSPs) which are manufactured by physically coating the polysaccharide derivatives onto silica matrices. Due to this manufacturing process, a choice of mobile phase components is typically narrower than with immobilized columns in order to minimize damage to the CSPs.  However, the coated columns have a proven track record of performance and with proper care can maintain their performance over years of use.

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Method Development Strategies on Polysaccharide Columns

Chiral Technologies has recently developed comprehensive Screening Strategies for immobilized and coated CSPs to enable the identification of the best method to separate target compounds. The Screening Strategies can serve as a guide for a decision making process to select the most appropriate combination of CSP, mobile phase, and chromatography mode.

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Polysaccharide Column Care

Chiral Technologies provides detailed Instruction Manuals containing column descriptions, operating conditions and guidelines for initial method development. Exercising good column care is important for column performance and prolonged column life time.

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Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to view a number of topics related to use and column care of the immobilized polysaccharide-type CSPs and coated CSPs.

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